The goldendoodle is a cross between the Golden Retriever and a Poodle. They generally do not shed and are wonderful family and life companions. We breed to breed standards and use only parents whom have been health and temperament tested. Goldendoodles are active, intelligent and eager to please. Golden Retrievers tend to be tender hearted and very tolerant of unpredictable handling. They are a top choice for family companions, therapy dogs and for many service dog organizations

Hybrid Mixes We Offer

F1: First Generation (true hybrid vigor) which is 50% golden retriever and 50% poodle

F1b: First Generation Backcross which is 25% golden retriever and 75% poodle. This hybrid mix is great for those with severe allergies or those that are more fond with the poodle.

Sizes We Offer

Standard: Standard Poodle and Golden retriever are used and the weights average 50-80 pounds

Moyen: European imported AKC poodle and a Golden Retriever and the weights average 40-50 pounds

Mini: AKC toy poodle and a Golden Retriever and the weights average 20-30 pounds
Adeline and Frankie

F1 Moyen Goldendoodle


Estimated Time Frame: Fall

Due: 9/21
Home: 11/23

1. 4E Kennels - male
2. 4E Kennels - Leslie J./D.A.D
3. Luice Rennick
4. Suzanne Reyes
5. Mark Shaw
6. George Z.
7. Anthony Ferrera
8. Alice Parlato
9. Aimee Simpson
10. Ammanda H.
11.Michelle G.
12. Susan R.

Adeline is a sweet girl that is composed and sweet. She will melt in your lap or be up for a game of fetch anytime! She produces sweet, sensitive pups. 

Harper and Aztec

F1b Standard Goldendoodle


Estimated Dates
Due Date: 10/15/19
Go Home: 12/7/19

1. 4E Kennels 
2. 4E Kennels
3. Lacy Rae
4. Kirk Sugita
5. Natalia Montenegro
6. Rick Eaton 
7. Jessica Green
8. Diane Borgess
9. Leah McClaren
10. Ryan C.
11. Kim Carlson
12. Moriah Conant
13. Yolanda Gardner

Could open again once puppies arrive and/or the list has movement! Check back or sign up for an email to receive updates! 

Harper comes from our very own breeding of Juliet and Romeo. She is a large female who is confident and intelligent. She has no problem self advocating and taking what she wants. She lives full time with her guardian mom and is a seasoned mom, producing several diabetic alert service dogs and therapy dogs. 
Natalie and Frankie

F1b Moyen Goldendoodle

1. 4E Kennels
2. 4E Kennels
3. Tumi S.
4. Sonja Floyd
5. Richard S.
6. Brittany and Ryan Flores
7. Robin Dahlam
8. Alan Rivlen
9. Tara OConnell
10. Jean Harris
11. Linda Jennett
12. Diana Borgess
13. Moriah Conant
14. Lori Spurk

Estimated Time frame December 2019/January 2020
Charlotte and Auggie

F1 Mini Goldendoodle


Estimated Dates:

Due 9/16
Home: 11/23

1. 4E Kennels - female
2. 4E Kennels
3. Smit Patel
4. Suzanne Reyes
5. Hayley Cummings
6. Robert Gerber
7. Mark Shaw
8. Erin Rethemeyer
9. Joanne Levy
10. Katie Green
11. Sonal Batra
12. Marsha L.
13. Shelley Aguiar
14. Cassy Hudec
15.Kimberly Dela Vega
Charlotte has had 1 litter for 4E Kennels and was such a sweet naturing mama. Charlotte loves to play ball and be underfoot with her humans, no matter what we are doing. She is a beautiful golden retriever who is adored by all of our staff. 
Cybil and Auggie

F1 Mini Goldendoodle


Estimated Time Frame: Winter (2020 go home)

1. 4E Kennels - Sarah 
2. 4E Kennels - Marsha L.
3. Amy Taylor
4. Sue Rodriguez
5. Tom Callister
6. Kayla B.
7. Christine Fitzgerald
8. Erin Rethemeyer
9. Debbie King
10. Katie Green
11. Kerry F.
12. Kirsten Flannery
13.  Kimberly Dela Vega
14. Cassy Smith

Pam and Nasser

F1 Standard Goldendoodle


Estimated Time Frame: Winter

1. 4E Kennels 
2. 4E Kennels
3. Adam Range
4. Heather Fisher
5. Kristen Sondag
8. Angela Jennings
9. Taylor Webb
10. Heather Leary
11. Karen Kipnes
12. Kelsey Negel
13. Courtney Komlo

Pam is a gentle hearted goldie that loves to "talk" to those she particularly loves. She is a pleasure to work with and is a seasoned mom. She cares for her puppies with fondness and thoroughness.