Addison and Nasser's Nutty Litter

F1b Standard Labradoodle
Average weight: 50-80 pounds


DOB: 12/12/17
Visitation Day: January 27th at 11:00 am
Selection and Go Home Day: February 10th

These puppies are being raised on our companion dog curriculum by Valarie (her guardian mom). Valarie has raised all of Addison's litters and they make a great team! Visitation and go home will take place in Las Vegas, not at the 4E Ranch. 
Past Puppies
Pink - Sunflower
Red - Cashew
Dark Purple - Praline
White - Coconut
Black - Brazil
Light Purple - Almond
Mint Green - Hazelnut
Blue - Chestnut
Dark Green - Pine
Orange - Pistachio
Brown - Macadamia
Lime Green - Acorn
Sky Blue - Pecan
Camo/Army Green - Walnut
Dark Brown - Peanut (Pili becomes Peanut)


1. 4E Kennels - Male for Blue Sky Buddies
2. 4E Kennels - Charisma and Roy Suarez
3. Travis Paul (Lily)
4. Katherine and Chris Gardner (Willow)
5.Michael Cox
6. Monica Lewis
7. Pauline Chu
8. Danielle Doggett
9. Jill Heupel
10. Ken Kerby (Audrey)
11. OPEN
12. OPEN
13. OPEN
14. OPEN
15. OPEN