Cavadoodles are a hybrid mix between the toy poodle and King Charles Cavalier. Puppies are estimated to weight 10-15 pounds at adult weight. 
The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel is a hunting dog with a big heart. They attach deeply to their family and love to be a lap dog when not busy chasing birds or squirrels! 
These 3 girls are scheduled to be future moms; however, they still have to grow up and pass their health testing. 
Estimated Puppy Go Home: 2019
F1 Cavadoodles

1. Lily Grace Service Dogs - Amy Boschma
2. Kelsey Jacobsen
3. Mary Mai
4. Camille Knopp
5. Katherine Louis
Pay your deposit now (you can only be on 1 cavadoodle list at a time). The deposit is for 500.00;however,paypal charges a 3% fee so that has been added bringing the deposit total to $515.00.
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Honey and Stanley

F1 Cavadoodles

Estimated Heat: April
Estimated Puppy Go home: August

1. Lily Grace Service Dogs 
2. Denise R.
3. Sharon Morris
4. Jill Pendleton
5. Katie Knutson

*Health testing has been completed and Honey has passed OFA hips, elbows, heart and eyes*
F1 Cavadoodles

1. Lily Grace Service Dogs 
2. Philip and Paula Newman
3. Christine Gotto
4. Mindy Haskins
5. Anthony Ferrara