Charlotte and Riley's Cinco de Mayo Litter

F1 Standard Goldendoodle
Average weight: 50-70 pounds


DOB: 3/8/18
Visitation Day: April 14th at 11:00 am
Selection and Go Home Day: May 5th

These puppies are being raised on our service dog curriculum. This is Charlotte's first litter.  Charlotte is such a sweet girl. She will crawl right into your lap and melt into your heart. She gets the "zoomies" and makes us all laugh. She has such a silly fun side to her. Charlotte loves to swim and will play fetch for as long as you can possibly throw the ball for her! 
Reservation List

1. 4E Kennels (female)
2. 4E Kennels 
3. Elena Raines
4. Heather Leary
5. Vivian and Daniel H. (Hollis)
6. Dillon Ortwein (Eloise)
7. Jeremy Vilardo (Eloise)
8. Erin R. (Eleanor)
9. Amy Bishop
----WAIT LIST----
10. Adam Range
11. Casey Flair (Goodie Two Shoes Donation)
12. Rachel Kelsh (Audrey)