Cybil and Frankie's Cupid Litter


F1 Moyen Goldendoodles
DOB:  12/07/18
Visitation: 1/5 @10:00 
Go Home: 2/02/19

(clients will be given a selection time that is based off the order of the list)

1. 4E Kennels - Nicole Pedego 
2. Lily Grace Service Dogs - Nick Ripandelli 
3. 4E Kennels 
4. Caroline Downer
5. Jenna Nash
6. Valarie Alvarado
7. Julie Pomerantz
8. Christine Plummer
9. Jennifer Saunders
10. Ben Reber
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**These puppies will be raised by Jeanette at the 4E Ranch. They will be raised on our advanced service dog curriculum.**