Eleanor and Watson's Enchanted Litter

F1 Moyen Goldendoodle
Average weight: 40-50 pounds


DOB: 3/4/18
Visitation Day: April 14th at 11:00 am
Selection and Go Home Day: April 28th

These puppies are being raised on our service dog curriculum. This is Eleanor's second litter.  Eleanor's puppies are eager to learn, easy to train and make fantastic family companions. Eleanor is Jenna's (my 8 year old daughter's) beloved companion. Jenna has even trained her as a therapy dog. Eleanor will do ANYTHING Jenna asks of her. She is such a compliant sweet dog. 
Reservation List
1. Lily Grace Service Dogs - Melissa Jordan
2. 4E Kennels - Brittany Henn 
3. Nicole Bohn
4. Samantha Frederick (Eloise)
_____WAIT LIST_____
5. Erin Rethemeyer 
6. Marc and Melissa Reisman (Eliza)
Belle - Yellow ribbon
Ariel - Red ribbon
Green - Beast
Blue - Eric