Eloise and Nasser's Game of Thrones Litter

F1 Standard Goldendoodle
Average weight: 50-70 pounds


DOB: 3/6/18
Visitation Day: April 14th at 11:00 am
Selection and Go Home Day: April 28th

These puppies are being raised on our service dog curriculum. This is Eloise's third litter. Eloise's puppies are eager to learn, easy to train and are little worker bee's. Eloise has an amazing drive to work and please and so do her puppies. She has produced 3 service dog (3 diabetic alert dogs and one mobility assist/retrieval of items SD). Eloise is Jeanette's personal dog and is also a part of the 4E Therapy dog team. She was dispatched after the Las Vegas shooting to assist those in need and boy she was a trooper. She worked endless hours and did everything we asked of her. She is truly the quintessential golden retriever in every way. 
Reservation List

1. Lily Grace Service Dogs - Heather Temple
2. 4E Kennels
3. Sharon Morris (Hollis)
4. Samantha Frederick (Eleanor)
5.Heather Leary (Charlotte)
6. Kim and Steve Hickam (Arrow)
7. Casey Kreck (Hollis)
8. Ann Lehmann (Hollis)
9. Matt Reyes (Hollis)
10. Laura Howard (Audrey)
11. Madeline Porter - Luzzo
12. Dillon Ortwein (Charlotte)
13. Yomi Gayles (Arrow)
_____WAIT LIST_____
14. Jeremy Vilardo (Charlotte)
15. Nikki Kalili (Eleanor)
16. Max Moyes