Hannah and Riley

F1b Standard Goldendoodle
Average weight: 50-70 pounds


DOB: 1/14/18
Visitation Day: February 17th at 11:00 am
Selection and Go Home Day: March 10th

These puppies are being raised on our service dog curriculum. This is a popular breeding one of Lily Grace Service Dogs favorite breeding pairs. This is Hannah's LAST litter. She has given us so many amazing service dogs, therapy dogs and wonderful companions. 
Reservation List

1. Lily Grace Service Dogs
2. Lily Grace Service Dogs
3. 4E Kennels
4. Melony Burns
5. Ruby N.
6. Norene Chambers
7. Aly Orr
8. Molly Gore
9. Ryan Shook
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10. Cornelia IIin (Audrey)
11. OPEN
Past Hannah and Riley pups!