Hollis and Aztec's Hostess Litter 


F1 Standard Goldendoodles
DOB:  2/06/19
Visitation: 3/23/19 @10:00 
Go Home: 4/06/19

(clients will be given a selection time that is based off the order of the list)


1. Lily Grace Service Dogs- Donna Johnson
2. 4E Kennels- Female
3. Casey Kreck
4. Denise R.
5. Cynthia Dianoski
6. Abby Montero
7. Detra Fullmer
8. Rachel Morrill
9. Kelly and Marc Cassell
10. Mindy Morrow

Hollis comes from International Champion Bloodlines (her father) and is a stunning beauty that is half English Cream Retriever and half American. She is tender hearted, loyal and so sweet. I have never seen this dog get upset about anything! She has produced several service dogs and therapy dogs. She loves the water and playing fetch.