4E Kennels is proud to offer two new types of doodles. The first is a F1 Irishdoodle and the second is an F1 Irish Goldendoodle. In a great effort to keep our red doodles from fading and cancer less of a threat the Irish Setter was a logical choice. Where Retrievers can have golden and cream in their pedigree, Setters are red through and through! Many have been trained to hunt, a few are therapy dogs and several have become service dogs. Irish Setters, in general, have a higher prey drive than a golden, since the Irish Lines have been kept cleaner, maintaining their breed standard far better than our American golden retrievers. Irish Setters are not as intelligent as the golden retriever, but the difference is slight and far smarter than most dog breeds. They can be more "alert" and ampy and tend to attach very deeply to their family or owner. We have no issues training these pups to be service dogs - clearly intelligence, reliability and temperament are not a concern. Irish Doodles can be dopey and silly too! We have yet to have one complaint or one returned. They are rare, but people have fallen head over heals for them! 


Why get an Irishdoodle or Irish goldendoodle?

If you love the deep mahogany coats

Want a dog that loves to use his/her nose. Great hunting dogs or Diabetic Alert Dogs

Irish Setters shed less than a golden so an Irishdoodle coat is fantastic! 

Rare! I am only one of a few prestigious breeders working these bloodlines.

Great companions for families or active people. These dogs make great running partners!

Hybrid Mixes We Offer

F1: First Generation (true hybrid vigor) which is 50% Irish Setter and 50% poodle (Rosie's Litters)

F1: First Generation (true hybrid vigor) which is 25% Irish Setter/25% Golden Retriever and 50% poodle making them F1 Irish Goldendoodles (Lily's Litters)

F1b: First Generation Backcross which is 25% Irish setter and 75% poodle. This hybrid mix is great for those with severe allergies or those that are more fond with the poodle. (Alana's Litters)

Sizes We Offer

Standard: Standard Poodle and Golden retriever are used and the weights average 50-80 pounds

Moyen: European imported AKC poodle and a Golden Retriever and the weights average 40-50 pounds
Rosie and Nasser

Standard F1 Irishdoodle
Average Weight: 50-70 pounds


Estimated Time Frame: Fall
Heat (off cycle): December 26th
Next Cycle Should be: June 26th
Puppies Go Home: End of October

1. 4E Kennels- female
2. 4E Kennels
3. Mark and Brittany Hannigan
4. Corey Favorite (Lily)
5. Denette and Jeff S. (Alana)
6. Tracy Oliver
7. Michelle Raney
8. Myha Phan
9. Susan Johnson
10. Ryan and Brittany Flores
11. Dan Hellman
12. Kim Hale
13. Lona Johnson

Lily and Aztec

Standard F1 Irish Goldendoodle
Average Weight: 50-70 pounds


Estimated Time Frame: Winter 2018
Estimated Go Home: Jan/Feb 2019?

1. 4E Kennels- female
2. 4E Kennels
3. Mark and Brittany Hannigan
4. Corey Favorite (Rosie)
5. Tracy Oliver
6. Michelle Raney
7. Myha Phan
8. Ryan and Brittany Flores
9. Kyle Marrott
10. OPEN