4E Kennels Puppy Non-Refundable Deposit Agreement

In order for your $300.00 nonrefundable deposit to be accepted, please fill out this disclosure form.

I understand and agree that my 300.00 deposit is nonrefundable. I am not guaranteed my puppy of choice or gender of choice; however, I understand that I can continue adding myself to future reservation lists until I get the puppy I want/need.

I also understand that timing of litters is uncontrolled as well as a successful pregnancy. 4E Kennels is not able to control the timing of heat cycles. 4E Kennels also has the right to cancel a reservation due to the best interest of the parents involved (we put the health of our parent dogs paramount to having a litter). In the event a reservation list (breeding pair) is cancelled, I will be given other upcoming options. Heat cycles and timing is not guaranteed.

I understand that client's choose in the order of the reservation list and clients can choose any of the puppies available to them at their selection time and placement. If a client is unreachable by phone during their 30 minute selection timeframe, then they will forfeit their placement.

When clients pay a non-refundable deposit, they are allowed to be on two reservation lists concurrently (exception is mini and cavadoodle lists - in this case you can only be on ONE list) with ONLY choosing ONE puppy. If you want two puppies, two deposits are required. Once you select your puppy, you will be removed from your other reservation list. You cannot use your spot for a friend or family member.

4E Kennels reserves the right to use any of its picks in any form or fashion without restriction (including auctioning off the spot to those on the list and wait list). 4E Kennels also reserves the right to replace itself with a client that chooses to remove oneself from the list.

I am aware that puppies can have certain common ailments upon coming home. Urinary tract infections, parasites, ear infections and allergy issues are all common. While 4E Kennels routinely deworms and is on the look out for UTI's and ear infections, sometimes the stress of leaving us causes things to flare. It will be my responsibility to treat and care for my new puppy.

I understand that goldendoodles, irishdoodles and labradoodles have a good amount of energy and were originally bred to be working dogs. They will need training, exercise and love. Doodles can be mouthy as puppies. This is NOT aggression, but normal puppy mouthing (exploring the world with their mouth). Doodles love to chew and dig and if given the chance they will relandscape and or redesign for you!

While you are allowed to be on two moyen or standard lists concurrently, I understand I can only be on one mini or cavadoodle list. If on standard or moyen list and both litters have live births and are in the nursery at the same time, a decision will have to be made between one litter or the other once the second litter arrives.

You understand due to safety concerns, 4E Kennels no longer ships puppies. You must pick up your puppy, or pay for a nanny transport.

When using Paypal, I am charged a 3% fee. I have added that 3% fee in the total costs below. Please email if you have any questions!


Other ways to pay for your puppy to avoid the 3% fee include: cashiers check, cash or venmo.


Put your non-refundable puppy deposit down to reserve a puppy. If you decide to choose from a different litter, or even a different puppy, your deposit can be transferred!

Remember this is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. The deposit will not be returned because you did not get the puppy you wanted. Puppies are picked in the order of the reservation list. If it becomes time to pick and the pups that are available do not meet your needs, you can move to a future reservation list! 

I don't have a link that covers the amount you want to pay? Just go here and add the 3% fee:

Non-Refundable $300.00 Puppy Deposit

$ 310.00 USD

This non-refundable puppy deposit allows you to join two reservation lists. Please make sure you have told me what one or two reservations lists you want to join! This price includes the paypal fee. 

Please note that this is a non-refundable puppy deposit and will not be returned because you decide not to purchase a dog, do not get the puppy you wanted or for a failed pregnancy. Your deposit can be moved around to other lists as much as needed.