Each puppy will come with his/her own puppy packet filled with documentation and paperwork. Please read below detailing our documentation.

1. ENS Exercise Documentation: My puppies and I begin our work from 3 days old by performing early neurological stimulation exercises. Please take a look at the attached research outlining this approach.

early_neurological_stimulation_en.pdf early_neurological_stimulation_en.pdf
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Type : pdf

 2. Puppy Socialization Chart: There are many things that are taken for granted when socializing a puppy. We follow a strict schedule to make sure we start our puppies off on the right foot and adhere to their sensitive development stages. Your puppy's chart will be started with us and then given to you to continue this important process!

 3. The 'Puppy Aptitude Test' is administered at the age of 7 weeks to each puppy in an effort to help place puppies in a home where owner and puppy are most compatible!

4. The Essential 7 Regime is used with litters where a puppy or puppies will be selected to be a service dog. We value all of our puppies the same and do everything in our effort to ensure our puppies are meeting crucial mental and physical developmental stages. A handout outlining this information is enclosed. 

5. Heath Records: Vaccinations and de-wormings administered will be documented.   

6. Heath Guarantee/Warranty (2 years for fatal/severe congenial defects) and spay and neuter contract. 

7. Hybrid registration papers if applicable

Health-Warranty 2-6-16.pdf Health-Warranty 2-6-16.pdf
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