F1 Goldendoodle

F1 Goldendoodles are 50% poodle and 50% golden retriever. It is sometimes hard to determine exactly what coat you will get; however, at 4E Kennels we find F1's sport a "teddy bear"  coat. This is a loose wavy coat that resembles a teddy bear wave.  F1's lend themselves to little to no shedding, easily managed and adorable. Some F1's can get "curls", resembling a more poodle coat. Seen below.

Here is a look at an F1 who has both "teddy bear" wave and poodle curls in her coat.  Can you see the curls in the center and the waves on the outside? 

This is Reba from Lacey and Romeo. Thank you Harvey for supplying this picture!

F1 From Puppy to Adult 

F1 Labradoodle Puppy
F1 Labradoodle

George, from Lainey and Romeo, sports a "teddy bear" coat. 

F1's can look considerably different depending on the way you choose to have him/her groomed. You can choose to leave the locks longs (daily brushing required) or keep them short. Here are a a few examples.

Stella, from Lainey and Romeo

Reba, from Lacey and Romeo 

Hendrix, from Lacey and Romeo 

Max and Rufus (one from Lainey and one from Lacey and sire is Romeo) 

Kiki, Lacey and Romeo 

Lola, Lainey and Romeo 

F1b Goldendoodle

F1B Goldendoodles are 75% poodle and 25% golden retriever. There is absolutely no shedding, but higher maintenance in coat care - like a poodle. F1b pups are great for those that suffer from allergies, love the more poodle look, or desire a dog that will NOT shed. Please remember that these pups are 75% poodle and will generally look more like a poodle, especially if groomed like one. 

 F1b From Puppy to Adult 

Charlotte, Hannah and Romeo 

Here are some examples of F1b's in shorter and longer coats, as well as their faces groomed differently. 

Vegas, Diabetic Alert Service Dog, Hannah and Romeo 

Viva, Hannah and Romeo 

Patterson, Holly and Romeo 

Harvey, Hannah and Romeo 

Nugget, Hannah and Romeo 

Baileigh London, Hannah and Romeo 

Fun Options

 You have lots of other little options like, keeping eyelashes long, face shape, and even fun things like a mo-hawk (see below), grooming like a lion, bows, chalk art, ect...

Thor, sporting a nifty mo-hawk, from Lainey and Romeo 

HalleLu, showing off her beautiful eyelashes, from Lacey and Romeo 

Same Dog - Different Look

Grooming is an important part of owning a goldendoodle. You have a lot of options: shaved, short, medium, long, poodle cut or teddy bear cut.

Please be warned that a doodle will mat quickly. If you do not brush regularly, you will have to have them groomed really short (don't worry though, we have ALL been there and they do grow back! 

Grooming can completely change the way your F1 or F1b look. You can achieve a "teddy bear" look with an F1b too. Blow dry out the curls and get a wave! 

Below are a few examples of how much a haircut can change the appearance of your goldendoodle. 




Baileigh London, F1b, from Hannah and Romeo 

Tank, F1b, from Hannah and Romeo 

Bailey, F1, from Lacey and Romeo 




Gus, f1, from Lainey and Romeo

Lucy, Holly and Romeo 

Savannah, from Lacey and Romeo (Diabetic Alert Service Dog)