***Contact us for availability! Please note that the wait could be a year or more***
Cavadoodles are a hybrid mix between the toy poodle and King Charles Cavalier. Puppies are estimated to weight 10-15 pounds at adult weight. 
The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel is a hunting dog with a big heart. They attach deeply to their family and love to be a lap dog when not busy chasing birds or squirrels!

F1 Cavadoodle Deposit - Wait at least a year

$ 515 USD

F1 Cavadoodle Deposit
F1 Cavadoodles

Estimated Summer/fall

1. 4E Kennels
2. Tracy H.
3. Sonal B.
F1 Cavadoodle Reservation list

1. Katie K.
2. Lisa N.
3. Mindy H.
4. Naomi P.
5. Brooke W.
6. Kim W.
7. Sammantha F.
8. Stephanie P.
9. Tracey B.
10. Otilia G.
11. Nga N.O.
12. Rachel E.
13. Sarah D.
14. Bobbie + Gary D.
15. Ron F.
Bre D.
Ali C.
Adriana R.