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We have puppies in the nursery!

The Wait is the Worth it! 

Our pricing reflects all of the health testing we do, assisted labor and deliveries, curriculum that starts at 3 days old, daily handling exercises, careful daily monitoring of weights to ensure all puppies are thriving, Curriculum advances as they reach new developmental benchmarks, puppies are raised to know the world is safe, people are kind and dogs are friendly. 

Puppies are imprinted with the life saving recall, “puppy puppy puppy” as well as their empowerment word of “yes!” And these gifts are given to you, puppies undergo a vet clearance prior to go home, their first vaccine, dewormed and microchipped and one of the most important things we do is give a voice to our puppies in their placement. 

Each puppy undergoes an empowered badass breeder temperament test so that we can help guide you to the best puppy for you based on your needs as well. We offer a 2 year guarantee/warranty, lots of training videos, unlimited support and a community of other owners. 

If there is anything I can do to help you in your search, please let me know! We believe in empowering puppies as well as owners! 



Take a peek inside our nursery where puppies are whelped and raised!