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If no listings above then check back later, there are no puppies at this time that are available.


I am sorry. We do not have any available puppies at this time! Check back often, or sign up below to be notified!

Our puppies sell up to a year in advance. I love that so many people value the same things I do: accessibility, transparency, reputation, health testing, raising puppies on an advanced service dog curriculum, a community of owners that are brought together, a breeder that stands behind her dogs AND clients and ultimately being proud to choose the dog of your choice - #mydogmychoice.

Clients pay a non-refundable deposit and then are given access to the owners page, where they can choose two lists to be on. This gives clients more flexibility and protection if we have a failed pregnancy or small litter. Timing is not guaranteed, so you must be somewhat flexiable. So many things are out of my control and we are at the mercy of mother nature. 

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. 

We will make that magical match happen. 

Sometimes it happens very quickly and sometimes there is a wait. 

The average time someone waits for a puppy is 3-6 months.

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