To be placed on the reservation list for one of the available litters, a $300.00 non-refundable deposit must be made.  Clients will pick and take home in the order of the list at 8 weeks old. I work closely with each client determining the pups that meet their needs based on energy level, temperament, personality and coat type.

 Reservation lists look more full than in reality. Once a non-refundable deposit is paid, clients can place themselves on TWO reservation lists (as of 12/5/15) of their choosing, bringing home ONE puppy.  So once a client chooses a puppy from a litter, their name is taken off the other list. The exception to this is 4E Kennels.  If both reservation lists have live pups and are in the nursery at the same time, clients do need to choose one or the other. That allows for clients on a waiting list to be able to make travel plans and puppy plans within a few weeks. 

Labradoodle Puppies for Sale

What types and sizes of Doodles do we offer? 

50% poodle 
50% Golden Retriever, Lab, Irish Setter, etc...

75% poodle 
25% AKC Golden retriever, lab, Irish Setters, etc..

Mini: averages 30 pounds

Moyen (medium): averages 40-50 pounds

Standard: averages 50-70 pounds

Here is a look at a standard vs a medium. These are both females. This depiction is of the average size female standard and the average size medium female. Variations can and will happen. As a reminder, males are generally larger on both the standard and the medium. 

Standard and Medium Goldendoodles

4E Kennels reserves the right to use any of its picks in any form or fashion without restriction.  4E Kennels also reserves the right to replace itself with a client that chooses to remove oneself from the list. 


2020 Lists Are Open!

Please understand that things can and do change because we are at the mercy of mother nature and other elements out of our control, but this is just what is scheduled!