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Ask Jenna and Jeanette
Jenna opens up about how the power of a Dog has been life changing for her.

Down Syndrome Assist Service Dogs: What you need to know! 
Ask Dr. Mcdermott Your Health Related Questions! 
*How to treat mites *Grain free food safe? *When do dissolvable stitches dissolve? *How to travel across the country with a cat? And more!
The Power of Tether Training 
The Power of the "Sit on the Dog Exercise"
The Power of Hand Feeding 
Top 7 controversial dog topics. Where do you stand? 
What is the ideal weight for your dog? 
What is our new reservation system? And we answer your questions! 
Ask Norton Dog Training!
Let's Talk Doggy Day Care with Cathy from the Hydrant Club
Jeanette and Jenna talk about safe people food for your dog!
Ask a Dog Trainer! 
Guest Norton Dog Training answers your questions! 
Ask a Groomer! 
Guest groomer, Chloe, answers your questions! 
Ask Norton Dog Training!
Ask Us your Dog Questions! 
Ask Dr. McDermott your vet related questions! 
Ask Matt and Jeanette Your Dog/Puppy Questions! 
    Ask Matt and Jeanette Your Dog/Puppy Questions! 
     Ask Matt and Jeanette Your Dog/Puppy Questions! 
Boredom Busters During Social Distancing!
10 Things You Should Never Do with Your Puppy! 
10 Things You Should Consider Before Getting A Dog (or husband for that matter)
What Do You Need to Buy to Prepare for Puppy Coming Home?
How to Keep your puppy safe from parvo and still expose them during the crucial 1st sixteen weeks! 
Poop Eating  - why and what can you do about it?
What do you need to know before taking home a doodle?
Advice from our doodles owners!
Diabetic Alert Dogs 101
10 controversial dog topics all dog lovers will be faced with! So prepare now...
Safe Chew Items for Dogs and other Questions Answered! 
What is Tether Training and why you should do it! 
Car fear and motion sickness - how can you help your pup?
Poison to a Pup! 
Common household items that can harm or kill your dog! 
Halloween Dog Safety 
Prepare for Bringing Your Puppy Home! 
Want to have a therapy dog but don't know where to start or what it really means? Don't worry! I've got you covered! 
How you handle your dog's fear matters! 
Why the "Adopt Don't Shop" belief is flawed and complete nonsense. 
5 ways to raise a puppy to ensure you have a confident and balanced dog! 
7 Commands All Dogs Should Know!
How to get a handle on puppy biting! 
5 Symptoms From Your Dog You Should Not Ignore! 
Use these 3 D's to train a truly obedient dog! 
Our Healing Hearts Recipient, Tennille, opens up about having Parkinson's and we share how a service dog will help her continue to navigate life with a dog by her side. 
**As Seen on Good Morning America!** 
What is appropriate dog play?
Is your dog bored? And what can you do about it? 
Kennel Training 
Dog Food 101
Poop and Puke Problems! 
4th of July Dog Safety! 
Potty Training 101!
What is dog tethering and why is it so important?
Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke is Deadly! 
Grooming 101
10 Reasons to Not Get a Doodle! 
If you are not a professional dog trainer but want a well behaved dog out walking, then use this tool!
How to stop unwanted dog behaviors! 
Poop eating
Counter surfing
Fence fighting 
Eating rocks, socks, poop
Why we get socialization with our dog so WRONG!
5 Things Owners Wished They Knew Before Taking Home Their Puppy!
A  Must Do With Your Puppy: Sit on the Dog Exercise
A Must Do With Your Puppy: Hand Feeding
A Must Do With Your Puppy: Tethering
What Should Your First Three Days of Puppyhood Look Like?
Brain Games for your pup! 
Safe Chew Items for your Dog
What  first aid items should you have at home if you have a dog?
What are puppy crazies and how should you handle them?
What Dog Food Should you Be Feeding Your Dog?
Common Ailments of a Doodle and How to Manage Them! 
What Type of Doodle is Right For You?
The Naughty Teenage Phase! 
2 Life Saving Commands Your Dog Needs to Know! 
Why the 1st 16 Weeks is So Critical in Your Pup's Life! 
How to Handle Young Children and Puppies (mouthing and jumping)
How Much Does it Cost to Own A Doodle? 
How You Can Create a Balanced Dog
What is the difference between a service dog, therapy dog and facility dog?