4E Kennels breeds doodles with health, temperament and intelligence as our top priority. 
Our next open house/new client tours are February 17th and March 10th. We are not open to the public unless we have a scheduled open house date. It is imperative that our puppies and moms are not disturbed constantly and the risk of infectious disease is not brought in. We have a thorough sanitation process one must go through in order to enter our facility. 
Thank you for understanding. 

Official breeder for Lily Grace Service Dogs and Blue Sky Buddies Service Dogs
Past Pups
A look at what 4E Kennels does and why! 
The down and dirty of our puppy selection process:

1. Pay a deposit and fill out the deposit agreement form (click the button above).

2. Choose TWO reservation lists (even though you will only be taking one puppy) that you want to be on (buttons above where puppies are in the nursery and scheduled litters of puppies to come).

3. When puppies arrive, you will get all of the information and be able to follow them on social media for the 8 weeks I have them!

4. Clients choose in order of the list ON go home day. That way out of state clients can come and pick AND take their pup on the same day. It also gives us time to get puppy evaluations done and vet clearances complete for you to review prior to selecting your puppy! I am here to help target the puppies that meet your needs but ultimately clients choose their puppy!   
About the Owner 
 Jeanette Forrey

*AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

*IACP Member

*Founder of 4E's Therapy Dog Team

*Runs 4E Kennels with honesty and integrity

*Believes in the power of the dog and the ability they have to change lives

*Raises her puppies on a curriculum based on the sensitive developmental stages of a puppy (very few breeders do this)