4E's Favorite Things! 

Noodles Neckties

Noodle Neckties was founded by one of our clients! They are 2-1 reversible bandannas with adjustable, hassle free snaps! Some models feature terry-cloth on one side for your furry friend that gets messy when drinking! 

The idea of Noodle Neckties came when Christine and Dean found herself following Noodle around with a towel after every time he drank water. This was harder to manage when they were in public so they decided to make a bandanna he could wear in public with a discrete towel on the other side, ready for me to wipe him down when needed. 

Must Have's Before Puppy Comes Home! 

DOG FOOD - Fromm

Here at 4E Kennels, we believe in using high quality dog food. Fromm is a California based family owned company. They outsource their meat in small amounts so they know where it comes from and to this day they have never had a recall. They also made the cut from this elite research team:

Click below to a link of the dog food we feed our dogs!  

Bath Time

I have found through many years of bathing dogs, that high quality shampoo makes a difference. When goldendoodles came into my life I also found the necessity of using a high end conditioner! It makes a world of difference (just like your hair!).  I have used many brands from Petco, Petsmart and Amazon and below are my favorites. Many of you ask what I bathed your puppy in the day they came home…well here is the secret! I love love these two items below!

Some of my favorite training tools.I love the leash coupler to use for training. It is a great way to hook your puppy on your belt loop or around items in the house when using the tethering method to train! Th prong collar is an effective tool to use for training. It communicates in a way dog understand by replicating the way a mom dog corrects her puppy. 

Car Platform 

This is a safe way to have your dog travel in your vehicle with you. One of our very own 4E Doodle families make these. This is a great family owned business with top quality platforms. See for yourself! 



All of our puppies are on NuVet as well as our adult dogs. Click below for more information: 

Great enclosures for added security for yard and house. Baby gates are also a great option to block off stairs, etc... 

You can use either of these fence options to back up against a doogy door like we do in the nursery. This is a great way to keep puppies safe inside and outside.  


Toddler Size: (24" L X 16.25" W X 14.75" H) This kennel will not last long for a pup that goes home around 10 pounds.  

Youth Size: (28" L X 20" W X 21" H) : For Pets 30-50 lbs (this is the size puppies that are flown come in. You may be able to skip the toddler size kennel)

Adult Size: 36" (36" L X 25" W X 27" H) : For Pets 50-70 lbs. This kennel is not huge and is perfect for my 50 pounds f1 females. They are not in the kennel long (at night and sometimes a few hours a day) and I don't like huge kennels in my room! So this size works for me. For a larger male or a pup in the kennel for longer periods come up one or two sizes! 

Some of our favorite toys!

Educational Resources  

Just for Fun or Expansion of Knowledge!

Just Because...