Our Next Healing Hearts Give Away will be a complete surprise. So nominate someone that you know needs a puppy more than anything. Their heart needs to be healed. Their path in life has taken some really tough turns and while they have prevailed they deserve one of our badass doodles! Please fill out the online form to nominate someone you feel deserves this puppy more than you can explain! Together, let's spread love and healing through the power of a dog! And remember, you have to help me pull of the greatest surprise of all! I will come to the person you nominate, so you have token a secret and help me pull of this amazing puppy surprise! 

Healing Hearts Nomination Form

Is this person willing and open to:

Will you and this person be ok being on camera and footage used for social media and or possibly news stations?

This Healing Hearts Puppy will not come with training. Is the person you nominated willing and available to train or pay for training if they so choose?

Doodles can be a big expense, especially in the first year of life. Does your nominee have the ability to care for this doodle and any unforeseen expenses?

Healing Hearts Puppies have to be returned to 4E Kennels, should there be a reason to do so. Will you and your nominee agree to this stipulation?

If we are interested in your nominee, will you be willing to upload a video in a private facebook group?

If this person needs a service dog or wants a therapy dog, do they have the means to train this puppy?

Puppies that are given away for free do not come with a contract/warranty. Do you agree and know that the nominee will agree as well?