4E Kennels is Changing the Breeding Standard

Welcome to a community where transparency and support are at the core of our values. At 4E Kennels, we are committed to creating a positive and empowering experience for our buyers.

Jeanette, the founder of the Empowered Puppy Curriculum and Evaluations, is dedicated to nurturing puppies who believe in their own capabilities while honoring and respecting their unique qualities. They are given a voice in their placement through her nationally recognized puppy evaluations. You will receive comprehensive information through videos and a puppy placement compatibility report, ensuring you find the match you need and want.

As an industry leader in producing service dogs, facility dogs, therapy dogs, and well-rounded family companions, 4E Kennels strives to make our puppies affordable and accessible to everyone. Jeanette's life mission is to heal hearts and change lives through the power of  a dog. By guiding placements, we ensure that clients receive the dog they want and need while the puppy finds the loving home they deserve.

Rest assured that all our parent dogs undergo thorough health testing, and our puppies receive a vet clearance before going to their new homes. Jeanette's expertise extends beyond breeding, as she is also the founder of the Empowered Badass Breeder Curriculum, author of "The Ultimate Badass Breeder's Guide," a sought-after speaker at national conferences, and a host of her seminars. Additionally, she has developed the first-ever all-inclusive breeder software and offers a mentorship program. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of her guide, "Raising the Empowered Puppy."

Join the 4E Family today and take pride in purchasing from a responsible and ethical breeder who is setting higher standards for the industry. Our dogs deserve more, and together, we are making a difference.

Getting a puppy from us? 
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