Beatrice and Frankie

F1 Moyen Goldendoodle


DOB: 4/11
Go Home: 6/4

1.  4E Kennels
2. 4E Kennels
3. Karen M.
4. Colleen D.
5. Vivian B.
6. Patrick + Natalie
7. Leslie S.
8. Susana D.
10. OPEN
11. OPEN
12. OPEN
13. OPEN

Password: Jill
School is in Session!


Pink: Eggs Benedict
Purple: Mimosa
Red: French Toast
Yellow: Quiche
Teal: Avocado Toast
White: Parfait
Black: Coffee (mama accidentally bit her tail when eating the cord during delivery- she did lose half of it)
Grey: Crepes

Blue: Biscuits & Gravy
Green: Omelet
Orange: Grits
Lime: Breakfast Burrito
Brown: Waffles