Harper and Aztec

F1b Standard Goldendoodle


DOB: 10/14
Go Home: 12/7

1. 4E Kennels 
2. Lacy R.
3. Natalia M.
4. Leah M.
5. Kim C.
6. Yolanda G.
7. Ashley W.
8. Brittoni R.
9. Liezhen S.
10. Tiffany J.
11. OPEN
Harper comes from our very own breeding of Juliet and Romeo. She is a large female who is confident and intelligent. She has no problem self advocating and taking what she wants. She lives full time with her guardian mom and is a seasoned mom, producing several diabetic alert service dogs and therapy dogs
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Pink: Sabrina
Purple: Buffy
Red: Carrie
Yellow: Marnie
White: Sidney
Teal: Samantha

Blue: Jason
Green: Freddy
Orange: Jack
Lime: Casper
Black: Little Dracula