The labradoodle is a cross between the Labrador Retriever (Lab) and a Poodle. F1 labradoodles can shed mildly depending on if they take after mom or dad more. They are wonderful family and life companions. We breed to breed standards and use only parents whom have been health and temperament tested. Labradoodles are active, intelligent, eager to please and are generally more "assertive" than a goldendoodle. They are naturally confident and love to have a purpose or job. That is why they are the leading breed choice for seeing eye dogs. 

Hybrid Mixes We Offer

F1: First Generation (true hybrid vigor) which is 50% lab and 50% poodle (Tippi's Litters)

F1b: First Generation Backcross which is 25% lab and 75% poodle. This hybrid mix is great for those with severe allergies or those that are more fond with the poodle. (Addison's Litters)

Sizes We Offer

Standard: Standard Poodle and Golden retriever are used and the weights average 50-80 pounds

Moyen: European imported AKC poodle and a Golden Retriever and the weights average 40-50 pounds

Addison and Nasser

Standard F1b Labradoodle
Average Weight: 50-70 pounds


Estimated Time Frame: 
Due: January 25th
Go home Day: March 23rd

1. 4E Kennels
2. 4E Kennels
3. Betty Dowell
4. Kelly and Pete Bublewicz
5. Tara C.
6. Tori Cleveland
7. Kirk Sugita
8. Fatima Romo
9. Mary Zeigler
10. Merchelle Cunningham
11. Diane Borgess
Past Puppies