Parents are entered into our program only after health testing and temperament testing. Many personality traits are inheritable so ensuring we use dogs we love, are trainable (want to learn and work with and for us) are overall human focused, reliable, have solid nerve strength and will absolutely pass on lots of good traits is just as important to us as the health testing. It takes a holistic approach to get dogs that can excel as family companions, therapy dog work, facility dog work and serviced work. We do not breed any dog that shows unprovoked aggression, panic without recovery or strong avoidance. 
It is with complete pride and love I introduce you to our parents. Many live in homes full time as beloved pets and some are a part of our own 4E Kennels therapy dog team. 
We use the best to produce the best. Color and coat type is not my top priority, it just isn't. Temperament and health is. I want dogs that will heal hearts and save lives. It is that simple. 
Our main focus is goldendoodles. Simply because they are my favorite. 
During my childhood, we had two red golden retrievers. 
We offer a few labradoodle, Irishdoodle and cavadoodle litters a year too. 
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