Reservation Agreement Form

A $500.00 reservation fee is required to be placed on a master list. Please fill this out after payment has been made. Terminology Explained: Master list: type of doodle you want! Reservation list: a specific list when a litter has been born. Full details of the litter (how many, colors, genders as well as parent information will be provided).

Choose Your One Master List:

I understand and agree that my $500.00 reservation fee is non-refundable (if you change your mind, have an emergency, have lifestyle changes, etc... your reservation fee is still nonrefundable). Please understand while you are on the mater list, you are taking up a spot denying another client that spot. Your fee is applied to the purchase price of my puppy. I am not guaranteed my puppy of choice or gender of choice; however, I understand that I can continue adding myself to future reservation lists until I get the puppy I want/need. See exceptions below.

I understand that clients choose in the order of the reservation list and clients can choose any of the puppies available to them at their selection time and placement. If a client is unreachable by phone during their 30 minute selection timeframe, then they will forfeit their placement.

When clients pay a non-refundable reservation fee, they will be placed on one Master list. Clients will keep their place on the Master list until they take a puppy home. Their spot cannot be transferred to someone else. However, if client passes 3 times on a list, they will be removed from the master list system and marked, "Inactive". When ready for a puppy, contact us and you will be placed back on the master list at the next available spot (last spot).

In the event that prices increase after you have placed your reservation fee, your current pricing will not be grandfathered in after you pass on 2 or more litters.

I understand that I am placed on ONE Master list based on date of reservation fee received (and/or date of request, if I choose to switch Master lists).

I understand that when I remove myself from a reservation list, I cannot have my spot back. In addition, I understand that I will be placed below people on the list I am switching to (lists can be ordered by date of reservation fee paid or date of request). I will forfeit my original reservation list spot (not my Master list spot) since I can only be on one reservation list at a time.

New list notifications will be sent through email. It is the client's job to keep track of email communications and reply within 72 hours. After that, we do have to proceed with the Master list, and you cannot then bump people down, just like we would never let other people bump you down. After 72 hours, it changes from date of reservation fee to date of request.

If I have a preference to color, parent, English/American, etc, I can choose to wait for that list. I will stay on the Master list until that list opens, and I can then move over to that reservation list in the order I am on the Master list.

4E Kennels reserves the right to use any of its picks (we always take the top two spots) in any form or fashion without restriction (including auctioning off the spot to those on the list and waitlist). 4E Kennels also reserves the right to replace itself with a client that chooses to remove oneself from the list.

I am aware that puppies can have certain common ailments upon coming home. Urinary tract infections, parasites, ear infections and allergy issues are all common. While 4E Kennels routinely deworms and is on the look out for UTI's and ear infections, sometimes the stress of leaving us causes things to flare. It will be my responsibility to treat and care for my new puppy.

I understand that doodles typically have a good amount of energy and were originally bred to be working dogs. They will need training, exercise, and love. Doodles can be mouthy as puppies. This is NOT aggression, but normal puppy mouthing (exploring the world with their mouth). Doodles love to chew and dig and if given the chance they will re-landscape and or redesign for you! A proper environment filled with mental and physical stimulation is required to fulfill their innate needs.

You understand due to safety concerns, 4E Kennels no longer ships puppies. You must pick up your puppy, or pay for a nanny transport.

Master Lists will be an ever evolving list as people change their mind, delay getting a puppy, etc. so for that reason, master lists will not be published. Please understand that where you are on a master list doesn't necessarily denote where you will be on an actual reservation list. There are so many variables and needs of other clients.

Timeframes of when you will get a puppy are just an estimation. Please understand that 4E Kennels is at the mercy of mother nature and cannot guarantee a timeframe. Successful pregnancies and litter sizes will dictate timeframes as well as what the clients decide that are above you on the master list. Some will choose a puppy and some will need to push back their timeframe. If you choose to get a puppy elsewhere because it was available sooner, you do forfeit your 500.00 nonrefundable reservation fee.

Terms and conditions: 4E Kennels reserves the right to return any reservation fee, at any time, for any reason; i.e if we feel that it is no longer in the best interest of the puppy or due to your lack of commitment (passing on litter after litter and/or puppy after puppy).

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