Beatrice and Frankie

F1 Moyen Goldendoodle


DOB: 10/4
Go Home: 11/28
Virtual Visit: 10/30

1. 4E Kennels - Amanda J./S.D
2. 4E Kennels - Mia E./FD
3. Allyson T.
4. Rodolfo A.
5. Michelle B.
6. Jolene H.
7. Tylor + Reggie
8. Amanda P.
9. Wanda L.
10. *Working through Master list to fill this spot*
Password: Jill
School is in Session!


Pink: Everything
Purple: Sesame
Red: Marble Rye
Yellow: Poppy Seed
White: Cream Cheese
Teal: Plain

Blue: Blueberry
Green: Pumpernickel
Orange: Asiago
Lime: Chocolate Chip