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4E Kennels is paving the way to change the manner in which dog breeding is handled. Taking Goldendoodle breeding from bad to badass is our mission and focus. We create a family - a community. We are pioneering new ways to raise our Goldendoodles, Moyen Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles, Cavadoodle puppies ensuring well rounded family companions, therapy dogs and service dogs. There is no better way to know that the dogs we are breeding are living up to high standards in health, intelligence and temperament than to follow their journey in becoming a service dog or well rounded family companion. 

badass breeder

Puppies are raised on our very own advanced service dog curriculum that begins when puppies are just 3 days old. 4E Kennels is also committed to extensive puppy evaluations that help guide clients to making the best match possible taking into account your needs as well as the puppy! Get your Goldendoodle from the badass Goldendoodle Breeder


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