Puppy Go Home Information 


1. Order your puppy starter pack and dog food here which includes:

  • All Life Stage Dog Food & Wellness Food Supplement

  • Revitalizing Shampoo, Bath Fresh Mist & Ear Care Formula

  • Antioxidant Health Bar (Oatmeal & Apple Recipe)

  • Tasty Rewards Training Treats & Buffalo Bully Sticks

 For the future, you can set up autoship options and order directly from my link on my webpage- tab: DOG FOOD

All Puppies are Started on "All Stages"

2. Order Nuvet Supplements!

We love these! They are FDA approved and something your dog can stay on for their entire life! You can autoship them and not worry about it! 

3. Make final payment arrangements!


  • cashiers check (made out to 4E Kennels)
  • venmo (Jeanette Forrey @badassbreeder)
  • cash
  • paypal (below; ONLY when using PayPal there is a 3% fee)
  • transfer into my Wells Fargo Account

Account number: 2426691628 // Routing numbers Direct deposits, electronic payments 321270742 Wire transfers - domestic 121000248

MINIS: $2,500

Standard and Moyen Doodle

$ 2267.00 USD

Balance on a 2,500.00 puppy -- **ONLY FOR PAYPAL**

Mini Goldendoodle

$ 2576.00 USD

Balance on a 3,000.00 puppy -- **ONLY FOR PAYPAL**


$ 3091.00 USD

Balance on $3,500.00 purchase price -- **ONLY FOR PAYPAL**
4. Contract and Warranty: Will be sent out to you in email via doccusign, but you can review here!

4E Contract 2019.pdf 4E Contract 2019.pdf
Size : 636.762 Kb
Type : pdf

5. Make a vet appointment within 3 business days per the contract! 

  • You are asking for a puppy wellness exam! If local, Durango Animal Hospital does this exam free for 4E pups! 702-242-9044- Ask for Dr. McDermott if possible! 

6. Time to join our private 4E Group comprised of other dog owners. 

  • We share, ask and offer advice, set up play dates, schedule doodle romps, training classes and much more!

  • You have to request to join and fill out which litter you are choosing from! 

7. Puppy items I love!

8. Videos to watch with tips and tricks before and after you bring home your puppy: 

Flying into 4E Kennels and home with your puppy? I show you how! 
9. Have you puppy proofed your house? Gotten lots of sleep? 
You will have a baby in the house soon and the first few weeks can be tough on everyone. Please remember to reduce the stress for the puppy. For 3 days do not go anywhere except the vet. Never wake your puppy. They needs lots of sleep and time to adjust! 
Puppy Go Home Instructions.pdf Puppy Go Home Instructions.pdf
Size : 30.492 Kb
Type : pdf
10. Puppy Care Packet! Tips and Tricks to bringing home a new puppy! 
Puppy Care Packet.pdf Puppy Care Packet.pdf
Size : 1314.748 Kb
Type : pdf
11. Learn about the paperwork that will be going home with your puppy! 
How to Enter 4E Kennels
Directions and Address to 4E Kennels